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"You know what’s really, powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition … smart-ass comebacks. Presence.  A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent looking lady... A woman who realizes how beautiful she is."

Courtney E. Martin


You can refer to me as Sonya. Goddess, Queen, Mistress, Miss, and Master are all acceptable in my seductive realm. I am a NYC based International Travel Companion and Professional Dominatrix.


Growing up as a witty New York City and Caribbean girl, I was always exposed to exciting cultures. My sybaritic adventures and international travel as a young adult, led me to find then, NYC’s thriving BDSM/fetish lifestyle. It took one kinky experience, and I was hooked!


I identify as an adventurous introvert, spending time reading a good book or exploring a city is fabulously enjoyable. I love laughing, telling kinky jokes, and being a charming tease. I have eyes like an angel but the lips of a devil. My Goddess Assets are Stacked! I am a small BBW bombshell with lovely, smooth skin, voluptuous curves, thick thighs, and a powerful pair of legs. Facial structure that would melt your impenetrable heart. Let’s not forget to mention my natural super booty. Something is crazily wrong with you if you are not salivating at this point.


Worship me as YOUR Queen, The Goddess of your altar. I am a real Queen of Kings. Your devotion is what I desire best. No exaggerated personas, this is truly who I am. An authentic Dominant Woman. 


blur SHOT_12_001.jpg


The Curves of the Sexiest BBW
There's Only ONE of ME...

Age: Late 20's
Height: 5’5 bare / 5’10 heels
Measurements: 38 DD - 36 - 53
Shoes: 8.5 - 9 US
Panties: XL
Dress: 16 -18

Being a Dominant isn’t mutually exclusive to being a sadist, just as a submissive doesn’t equate to being a massochist. My sensual side is addictive, seductive and provocative. My enchanting touch will electrify your senses and deliver flashes of erotic delirium. As much as I love sensual play, I do have a love for hardcore scenes as well. With over 7 years of experience as a NYC Professional Dominatrix, I have had my shares of wild hedonistic experiences with some freaky pain sluts. Don't worry, I see novice to advanced players. I am a free-spirit and listener at heart, who thrives in designing creative memorable scenes and fantasies for our adventures. I will live in your inappropriate thoughts forever. You will never forget me...


I like those who have a sense of individuality and self awareness without taking themselves too seriously. Good conversation satisfies my philomathic and sapiosexual desires. What’s life with out wisdom? Teach me something, and I'll remember you forever. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect because thats unique, natural, and real.


Your fetishes and quirks are a part of you, no more than your sexuality. Let’s explore them together.



Literature,  Buddhism, Pagan Spirituality, Meditation, Art, Corsets, Cannibus Connoisseur, Caribbean and English History, Fine Dining, Sports and Travel.


Reading, traveling, hiking, cooking, baking, drawing, crafting, photography, exploring cuisines, gardening, sporting events, collecting red lipsticks, watching Stephen A. Smith lose his mind on ESPN. I like going to batting cages, visiting museums, zoos, and botanical gardens.


FLOWERS:  Orchids, Lilies, Roses and Sunflowers (in that order). As well as any potted plants. I happen to have a green thumb.

BOOKS: Venus in Furs, The Bluest Eye, and HP series. I confess, I am a bibliophile.
SPORTS: Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Football And Wrestling 
MOVIES: GoodFellas, Some Like it Hot, What We Do in The Shadows, Black Panther, Funny Girl, Kill Bill and Amelie 
TV: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bob’s Burgers, Game of Thrones, Blacklist, any shows about cooking or travel.




FOOD: I enjoy cuisines from all over the world. My choice varies on what city I'm visiting that moment. I am blessed to call NYC home, the quality and options are superb. I do shy a bit from seafood, but have been trying new things. As a Caribbean woman, I appreciate flavor, spice, and freshness.

DRINKS: Fancy Teas, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Tito's Vodka

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