Luxury Femdom Companion

"I never feel guilty about my pleasures, and neither should you. Feel pleasure openly and shamelessly"

Sonya Smothers


I believe the deepest sexual penetration is of the mind. Completely giving yourself to a FLR (Female Led Relationship) where you experience me as Your Dominant GF; creating a genuine realistic experience. This is where we explore all of those fantasies and possibilities of being OWNED by a Dominant Woman. It can be us sharing a splendid dinner with your chastity device tucked away in your pants, while I tease you about our end of night festivities I've planned. Or, me making your every last decision about our time together, from the clothes you wear down to what you order while we are out. Perhaps, cuckolding you with my favorite bull. A plethora of endless possibilities. We will always end our time in a domestic setting to better capture the realism of I, Sonya.


New York, NY, USA

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